It is possible to borrow two works (maximum 4 volumes) for a maximum of 15 days and may be renewed for 15 days if not reserved by another user. Pre-1950 printed books, Manuscripts, rare and special collections, encyclopedias, miscellaneous, periodicals, dictionaries, repertoires etc. are for reference only.

The borrowing service is closed for two weeks every summer.

Books are lent to all registered users by the Loan office. In order to be registered for Loan and have the loan card, users should:

  • be over 16;
  • provide an evidence of personal identification;
  • provide two photos and documentation of specified requirements

Any change of address or residence must be immediately communicated.

All citizens resident in Lazio can use the direct borrowing service.

For limited periods of time, these can also be used by:

  • Italian and EU citizens who are able to document their study or research needs and their address in the region;
  • non-EU citizens who, as well as being able to document their study or research needs and their address in the region, are presented by their embassy, consulate or an internationally important cultural institute and are in possession of a document attesting to their period of stay in the country.

The Library offers an Interlibrary Loan Service which provides access to material not held within Biblioteca Alessandrina whilst also supplying material from its own stock to other libraries