• Opac SBN  (where OPAC stands for On line Public Access Catalogue  and SBN stands for National Library Service) allows customers to enter with formality of friendly search to the collective catalogue of libraries that take part in the National Library Service.)

  • MANUS (Manuscripts in Italian Libraries from Middle Age to contemporay days)

  • EDIT 16 (XVIth century edition in Italian Libraries. EDIT16 has begun a research of the digital collections relating to XVIth century editions and therefore is creating the links to the digital copies already existing in the WEB).

  • Internet culturale :
    Bibliographic Search : Access the National Library Service, historical catalogues, with digitized cards of the Italian Bibliographic heritage, specialized catalogues, foreign catalogues;
    Digital Content Search :Search and visualize directly images, texts, and other digitized contents belonging to libraries, organizations and institutions;
    Digital Collection : Take a guided tour of the digitized funds belonging to libraries, archives and other cultural institutions;
    Cultural Routes Virtual exhibition, hypertexts, cultural-tourist routes and 3D tours purpose a journey among texts, images, characters and cultural places.

  • MICHAEL (where MICHAEL stands for Multilingual Inventory of Cultural H eritage in Europe). Through the multilingual MICHAEL service you can find and explore digital collections from museums, archives, libraries and other cultural institutions from across Europe. Whether you are interested in art or archaeology, family history or planning holidays, the Romans or modern History, MICHAEL can show you what is available.)

  • Catalogue of periodicals ACNP (The catalogue contains bibliographic descriptions of periodicals owned by libraries spread throughout the country)